WelchDry: the roller compaction expert

What geographic areas do you serve?
While the majority of our customers are in the United States, we serve the global market for dry roller compaction.

Can you arrange shipping?
Yes. We will work closely with your production, purchasing, and logistics departments to arrange the most suitable shipping and delivery schedule.

What if I have rush or higher volume orders?
Our ongoing investment in capacity allows us to accommodate spikes in production requirements; we have additional land for future expansion to meet long-term commitments.

What is the economic advantage of dry roller compaction?
Dry roller compaction offers attractive economies of scale which, combined with lower energy and material requirements, produce significant savings over the long run when compared to wet granulation processes.

Is dry roller compaction used for materials other than pharmaceutical or food grade products?
Yes, dry roller compaction can be used in the production of many different products, including toxic and hazardous material—but not at WelchDry. Our focus is on pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, animal health, and select chemical/technical grade products; we do not process, store or intake any materials that would negatively impact that focus.

What size production runs do you offer?
WelchDry has small-scale (5 kg–500 kg) production and large-scale production capabilities. Small-scale runs are ideal for further testing or small volume production.

What is the cost of WelchDry services? How do I request a trial run?
Prices are subject to a number of variables. Request a free* trial so we can provide the most accurate quote possible.

When should I contact WelchDry? Is a trial necessary?
When you contact us early in your research and development process, we can advise you on formulation and material options to ensure optimum performance. Our trial and scale-up capabilities allow testing all the way up to pharmaceutical validation. Please complete our trial request form, and we'll get to work organizing your free* trial.

* Subject to certain conditions.
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